Acid is a new brand made by Salix offering light, big, high-octane cricket bats designed with a passion for the modern game.

A perfect blend of Indian Dynamic with the artisan craft perfected by Salix. ACID is made of English willow with the standards and innovations in pressing, shaping, sanding, binding, polishing and artwork that Salix is renowned for.

This new, quick-fire cricket bat making means a rapid turnaround for orders and bats are always available to view and purchase from the workshop or on the Salix online store.”

The Process

ACID utilises migratory English willow that is all the lighter for being in India. Unfortunately, the realities of the English weather means that the clefts take on more moisture for Salix production during the winter months, creating heavier and smaller profile bats when trying to hit tight weight ranges. By utilising this migratory willow, ACID puts a stop to seasonal manufacturing giving larger, lighter cricket bats and maintaining light production all year round.

Kel showing latest ACID cricket bats