Meet Andrew

The Salix workshop remains the creative hub of Andrew Kember. Through Andrew’s extensive knowledge and hard earned experience Salix has become much prized.

In 2014 Andrew was invited to speak on behalf of cricket manufacturers at the MCC World Cricket Committee about the balance between bat and ball – initial consultations which led eventually to the recent changes in bat profile dimensions. Speaking in front of this illustrious panel was a huge honour, and followed our involvement in the MCC consultations to revise Law 6 a decade ago, when ‘Type A’ was first introduced.

In 2017 he was recognised as a ‘Living National Treasure’ in a special series about heritage craftspeople in Country Life magazine.

Andrew continues his life’s passion of creating the best cricket bats, innovating and refining the bat making process to create new and exciting bats with the best performance. This is now evident in the launch of ACID.

One of the only people to be creating junior bats by hand in England, Andrew took the process of making Salix Junior bats, refined since 1991, as an inspiration and has used his expertise to launch the new ACID range.